Wing Chun battle legs

It is believed that kicks in different Wing Chun schools are applied rarely and on the lower level only. Perhaps somewhere there is a lack of information. In Wing Chun Kuen Phai, in the initial stage of training, 10 basic moves are studied. At the master level the technique “226 steps to the palace” is studied. Techniques are polished on four levels. Also there is “sticky legs” complex. Combining direct and rotating movement, varying levels of attacks, the techniques of kicks, punches, elbows and legs obtains practicalness, its power and magnificence.
Program of the seminar
  • Warming-up (articular gymnastics, stretch, “figures-of-eight”, the power exercises for the legs)
  • Qigong (Chi Kung) for legs
  • “Sticky legs”
  • Ten bases
  • Ankle trips, counters, double kicks
  • “36 iron knees”
  • “226 steps to the palace”
  • “160 bundles
  • 11 complex
    The seminar program is divided into several parts for better understanding of materials.